Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Pouty-Angry Moment

The wedding was amazing. Princess was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen and looked every bit her moniker. Tool Man was so dashing, and glowed every time he looked at his gorgeous bride.

I did have another pouty-angry moment. I've come to realize that living with a broken brain is much like having a baby. It's no longer easy to just pick up and go; everything takes a little extra planning and preparation.

I knew I would be outside most of the day and planned for that, but totally forgot about the heat factor. Partly, because the weather has been wonderful; and partly, because I still like to block this stuff out. An hour before leaving for the wedding I realized I needed to bring a few extra things to help keep me cool. I H A T E the blue bandanna cooling thingie that I have. It is so NOT fashionable and doesn't go with pink, my favorite color.

So, I pouted; Turtle loved me; and all was better with the world.


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