Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Weekly Horoscope For All You Cancers!

Yippeeeee...spiritual permission to be a complete slacker! I can definitely get behind that! {{giggles}}

CANCER (June 21-July 22): One of the best-selling books in France in
recent months has been *Bonjour Paresse,* or "Hello Laziness." The
author, Corinne Maier, encourages employees to perfect the art of
goofing off on the job. In the coming week, Cancerian, you should follow
her advice not only at work but in every area of your life. I admire you for
being so conscientious and putting so much effort into everything you do,
but you're way overdue for some major slacking off. I'll go so far as to
say that you have a *spiritual need* to vegetate. This is one time when
you'll get my blessing if you decide to sit in a comfortable chair and
daydream of nothing in particular as you watch the wind blow.


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