Monday, October 10, 2005

Mrs. Turtle's Fillet-'o-toe

15 days ago, on Saturday, September 24, 2005, my Turtle Love and I were married. We had a beautiful sunset ceremony at Cuvier Park in La Jolla at the shores: and then it was party time at Princess and Tool Man's ultimate party pad.

Not even twenty-four hours later, while at my mommy's house, I was playing chase with River, kicked a piece of plywood, and managed to dislocated, break, and fillet in half my right foots baby toe. Ouch you say and you would be VERY right. {{giggles}}

So, I spent the first days of marriage in various stages of a vicodine haze and think I'm almost ready to be completely vicodine free. Poor Turtle has had to wait on me hand and foot, not to mention help me take a bath and wash my hair. Although the washing my hair part is very erotic and I quiet enjoy it.

Happy Accident to Celebrate: Majorly mangling my foot AFTER the wedding and not before.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have pics of your tow but yet to see any pics from the "day"!!! ... red

4:25 PM  

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