Sunday, July 03, 2005

One Year Later...

It's been a year and three days since I was told that my brain was broken. All the usual "time flies" cliches come to mind. My life has seriusly changed in 12 months, I've been reviewing the list in my head:
  • I'm planning my wedding, and having so much fun!!
  • A new beastie has joined the family and he is just the cutest ever--even if he is a canine usurper.
  • I have a new job.
  • I got my Miata back--Zoom Zoom.
  • I'm a home owner again. (Technically this happened prior to being told my brain was broken, but since it was part of the catalyst, I figure it still counts.)
  • I have two new tattoos.
I think the biggest thing that has crystalized for me this year is that happiness is a choice and my life is just too short to not chose it. And, as usual, this was just the perfect time to really get that message as I've been struggling with another big decision for a week or so. More on that later.

Happy Accident: Choosing happiness. Probably one the of the best darn lessons of all.


Anonymous amanda said...

Hi. I surfed over to your site and wanted to tell you that I really enjoy it, especially the "happy accidents!" You have a great outlook on life! My mother was diagnosed with MS when she was 37 (11 years ago) and is still struggling with the lessons you've learned so well! I wish you the best of luck!

2:09 PM  
Blogger LunaFemme said...

Thanx Amanda!! I laughter is the best medicine of all.

9:38 AM  

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