Sunday, November 27, 2005

Quick Recap

Okay, here's a quick recap on the last 30 days.

I went to Albuquerque, NM to participate in the first annual Lisa Marie Rainbow Run. I'm so proud of my sister and all she has accomplished. It was a resounding success!!!

When I returned home, the battle of the jobs began. I had two fantastic offers from two wonderful companies and it was a super tough choice. As Turtle pointed out, it was a wonderful dilema to have. After my first week with the new company, I'm confident that I made the right choice. I finally have that feeling of hominess at work again. It feels good to be invigorated and excited at work again.

It has been a very quite Thanksgiving. Turtle's parents flew in for the weekend. It was pretty much just the four of us hanging out, laughing, veging...a super cool time with the my in-laws.

My Godchild was christened on Saturday. I cried....but then I cry at commercials. I did find a wonderful prayer that I read, which I will share in a later post.

Today, Turtle and I went honeymoon shopping. Yup, we depart for our honeymoon in 5 days. YYYIIIPPPEEEE!!!! Today I bought three books, a crossword puzzle book (easy), and a journal. I think you get the jist of what I plan to do on my honeymoon.....RELAX. Oh yeah, and a massage everyday.


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