Thursday, July 01, 2004

Healing Brain...Healing Body

Boy, how fragile I’ve become. After a great nap and wonderful lunch, I was feeling so much more energized. I decided that I would run a few errands that I’ve wanted to get done for a while. So, off to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick up the few items I’ve needed for the new house. After that little sojourn I decided errand running for the day was done {{giggles}}.

I get home and I’m sweltering like an oinker and decide it is the perfect time to go to the pool for a nice relaxing swim. This is the first chance I’ve had to explore this beautiful new community I live in and the pool area is fabulous.

The pool is a little small, but that’s okay I don’t need much room: then…aaahhh refreshing cool water. I started my mantra, “Healing Brain, Healing Body….Healing Brain, Healing Body. A nice easy breaststroke, not counting laps not timing myself. I had decided I would simply swim until I felt the wonderful little drain in my muscles. It turns out it took less then 3 minutes for that to happen. I staggered out of the pool after this very gentle, wonderful swim, amazed at how frail my body has become.

I know it's only for now....Healing brain, healing body, and soon I will be almost as good as new. It truly did feel good to get that little bit of exercise.

And now I'm off for another nap {{LOL}}


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