Monday, November 01, 2004


Halloween is my favorite holiday. Typically my costume is done in liquid latex and the object is to be as naked in public, as possible, without getting arrested. This year I didn't do a liquid latex costume. In fact because of my heat issues liquid latex may not be a feasible Halloween option for me again.

Anyway, the Halloween spirit didn't really hit me this year. I got a little excited about it on Friday, but all around, it was a very muted Halloween. I was feeling a wee bit melancholy that my broken brain was overshadowing my favorite time of year, but I snapped out of it enough have a blast glitterafying my face and attending a fun party.

Happy Accident To Celebrate: FINALLY living in a neighborhood with lots of children so I actually got to pass out candy to Trick or Treaters. It was so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up, I think I'll start a new Halloween tradition to get excited about.


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