Monday, October 25, 2004

Update From Dr. Schatzle

River came through the surgery with flying colors. He is resting comfortable on puppy morphine {{giggles}}. River is 8.9 lbs, which means he's gained another three pounds this month. Dr. Schatzle said he had to get his play time in with River prior to the surgery, so River got to run around the clinic and cuddled up in Dr. Schatze's lap for a bit. I think it's really cool that my beastie is one of Dr. Schatzle's favorite patients.

River will be ready to come home at 3:00 pm. I can't wait to love up my little guy!

On a side note...Cirque is enjoying a River free zone and getting in some lap time, but I think Boy is actually missing the canine usurper.


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