Monday, February 27, 2006

My Website is Back

Well, I am once again connected in cyber space...almost. I'm not too sure what happened but I had too republish my website and it was very confusing. So, Turtle has helped me get my blog back on and we're going to work on prettying it up more over the weekend.

I haven't posted in so, so, so, long. The honeymoon, holidays, Valentine's Day, and about 3 jobs have come and gone since the last post. Mostly life is very good. I'm coming up on a year since my last MS episode--Yeah ME!!! We're monkeying with my meds a bit to help me get a wee more motivated about life -- Loafing on the couch can make a person only so happy, ya know -- and it seems to be working.

I've been interviewing therapists again and have found one that I'm clicking with. I think a big part of it is because I'm truly ready to start some deep self-realization work again. After the MS diagnosis one of the people that I so wanted to talk to was my therapist Ann, whom I had a 10+ year history with. I hadn't been seeing her regularly for several years prior to her death. Rather, I would see her a couple of times a year for mental health check-ups, or when I was feeling stuck in a particularly difficult problem. Ann always had a way of asking me the right question, in the right way, and making succinct comments to get me pointed in the right direction. It was so easy.

The few therapist that I saw right after the diagnosis, I felt so resentful giving them my back story....I was just kinda pissed off that I had to go through it all again. At least this anger has passed and I'm much more willing to fill in the blanks for a new person, the right person.

Anyway, I hate whining and I think that Nancy (new therapist) really gets that and I feel like she'll be able to slap me around if I need it, metaphorically speaking.

Happy Accident to Celebrate: The re-examination of old stuff that I've processed pretty well and being in a space to actually be proud about that.


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