Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Me and Tysabri

I've been on Tysabri for almost a year now and, WOW, this drug has changed my life. I'm feeling the best that I've felt since my diagnosis and I've finally engaged in life again. It feels so, so good.

MRI results after 8 infusions shows all existing lesions have decreased in size and are less discernible on the MRI. And, my neurologist has downgraded my disability level back down to a 1, when I was at a 3.5 - 4 a year ago.

Sometimes it truly is amazing what a difference a day can make.

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Blogger Lauren said...

That is wonderful to hear Luna! Congratulations to you...,

I just had my 35th Tysabri infusion yesterday, and my MS is now stable, I had no relapses since restarting the medication in October 2006, and my recent MRIs taken last year also show no new lesions since 10/06.

I'm just so happy for you, we all deserve to get better, and you are!

All my very best to you & yours,

Lauren :)

3:54 PM  

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