Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yup, that's right, I jinxed myself with that last post. Not two hours AFTER writing it I managed to sprain my ankle. Then, on Monday, the Vet called and confirmed that River does indeed have pancreatitis.

But this is all okay....it's just the last crappy things to happen in a crappy year and I still stand by my earlier post...2009 is going to kick-ass. And, not that I really needed any confirmation of this, but here's what my super groovy horoscope says:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): "Dear Rob: These last few months have been
absurdly full of pluses and minuses, ups and downs, lefts and rights. There
have been so many good things happening and yet so many obstacles,
too. It often feels like we Crabs are being rewarded and punished at the
same time. I'm wondering where it's all going and when it will end? A
happy ending? A sad ending? No ending? Will zero ever equal one? -
Agitatedly Neutral." Dear Agitated: You're at the climax of a long
balancing process. I suggest you take this opportunity to tally up the
valuable lessons you've learned in the relentless back-and-forth. Your
graduation to a less ambiguous chapter of your life story will be more
robust if you work hard to extract the meaning from experiences you've
tended to see as random or confusing.

Happy Accident: Celebrating seeing good friends tomorrow and being
waited on hand and foot. {{giggles}}


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