Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Blog, Part II

I've been especially frustrated this Christmas. I wanted to find that PERFECT gift for my husband. That one gift that says everything I feel for him. His importance to me. How thankful I am that I am so treasured, adored, protected. The gift that can express that my heart belongs to only him. How much I appreciate the little things he does for me everyday that says, "I love you."

But the truth is that even if I had a kabillion-zillion dollars, no material gift exists that can express, what I can't even find the words to say most of the time. I could get a rock, that represents how you are the strength that gets me through each day. I could get a priceless work of art that represents the masterpiece that you are. I could get you aromatherapy to represent how you soothe my trouble soul time-after-time. But, again, it would never be enough, it would never SAY enough.

I've already given you my heart. So, this year all I can give is my pledge that everyday I will try to aspire to be as good a wife to you, as husband you are to me.

You are my light, my heart, my strength, my hope. I love you!


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