Thursday, October 07, 2004

Chatting with the Doctor

I had a consultation with an MS specialist Tuesday. In some ways it was a fruitless appointment. What made the appointment worthwhile was confirming what my intuition already knew: Dr. Wang is a great neurologist who has done an amazing job treating me.

The specialist didn't really have any different information that helped illuminate some of the strange things that have been happening to me. There's nothing, medically speaking, that can be done to treat the heat sensitivity, I simply have to avoid getting hot.

I'm not sure if I have previously mentioned the strange phenomenon I've been experiencing sitting at my desk. The window gets hot and then my face feels like I have the worst sunburn I've ever had. Thankfully, my manager has been able to assign me to a temporary workstation until a permanent resolution can be found. Yeah, no more leaving work in pain!


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