Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm Engaged!!

It's official, Turtle and I are engaged. Here's an excerpt from an email he sent that explains how it happened a little earlier than planned {{giggles}}:

"Well this was supposed to wait until Christmas Day,
but once the small box was under the tree Trish
couldn't stand waiting and basically drove me nuts
until I gave in and let her open her gift. So we are officially engaged
a tad earlier than planned :)"

So, basically he thought he was going to torment me all week, but I tormented him more {{giggles}}. Actually, I started "driving him nuts" because he did such a good acting job saying things like "...don't get your hopes up." "...I'm getting worried that you're going to be disappointed." and "...maybe you should open it before Christmas so you're not let down."

See, if he had just been satisfied with the little box tormenting me and hadn't piled the psychological abuse on top of that, I probably could've been more patient. Okay, I'm laughing at myself with that delusion, but hey, justification is the key to happiness!

Today's Happy Accident: Tempting little boxes that led to impatience; and hence, got me engaged 5 days earlier than intended!


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