Friday, May 26, 2006

A Useless Day

Here I am working at 6:00 am on a Friday morning, all because yesterday was a completely useless day. It's not that I'm theoretically opposed to having useless work days, I just want to have those days on my terms. It's extremely frustrating to get to work in the morning all psyched up, ready to kick ass, only to have my day quickly disintegrate with other crap and nothing on my To-do list gets accomplished.

So, here I am....trying to find some quite time to get my To-do list completed, trying not to freak out about looming deadlines. {{Heavy sigh}} Such is life.

Happy Accident to Celebrate: Remember to celebrate happy accidents. I haven't been celebrating enough!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of stuff is on your to do list? You have never worked a job since you and Turtle married. Your broken brain has been cured. It's called laziness!!!

9:11 AM  

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