Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've just read a brief article about the workaholic personality. I think they were describing me, which is really nothing new, I've thought I was a workaholic for awhile. I truly have been working on haveing a more balanced life. Not being able to stay at one job for more than two months helps, although I recognize that it's my weird persuit of perfection that drives me away.

To acknowledge myself, I've done much better at my current job then in past jobs. Although, I have to struggle against all my natural instincts to start obsessing constantly. I catch myself doing it ALL the time.

I've been in a fairly blue mood of late; hence, I've been really quiet. I have really withdrawn and isolated myself. I finally reached a point a few weeks ago that I was willing to acknowledge it and attempt to make a change. I'm so lucky to have Turtle, who is so patient with me.

I've been crying a lot for no discernable reason, so okay everyone, maybe I am a bit depressed. It still boggles my mind how I can be depressed when I'm on a boat load of anti-depressants...I mean, isn't that why the word ANTI is in the name of the drug??

There Red, I've updated.....now leave me alone!! {{giggles}}


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