Monday, August 21, 2006

MySpace World

My husband has finally dragged me to the dark side and helped me set-up a MySpace page. I'm thinking I may need to change my password, though. Today when I signed on I discovered the I had posted this to my blogspot. Or maybe temporary amnesia is a new symptom of my broken brain. What do you think?

Monday, August 21, 2006

10 reasons why my husband is godlike...
Current mood: contemplative
Category: Romance and Relationships

1. He is so smart when it comes to computers and the internet. In fact, he's able to manage my site and blogs when I don't have time.

2. His ability to sexually satisfy me (and all my friends) is immeasurable...sometimes I am brought to an earth shattering climax simply being under his smoldering gaze.

3. I have never met a man as physically strong as my husband. I've seen him lift and move cars that are illegally parked in our reserved space.

4. He never leaves the seat up, and sometimes even pees sitting down to insure that the seat is pre-warmed for me.

5. His compassion is awe-inspiring. He has been known to make periodic visits to 6, sometimes 7, single mothers in a night to make sure they have everything they need. He even teaches their kids good eating habits saying "milk, does the body good" but he says it with a lisp, to be funny, and it sounds like milf.

6. His body is like a deity from greek mythology, with rippling muscles, thick flaxen locks and strong, chiseled features.

7. His sense of humor warms the hearts of all around him, being able to make a funeral procession roll in their seats with side-splitting hilarity.

8. He has the athletic prowess to have played several sports professionally, including golf, tennis, baseball and curling. But decided he could contribute more to humanity by fulfilling his destiny as a telecommunications engineer.

9. His ex wife was recently institutionalized, having realized what she gave up by leaving him for a mere mortal man. She will most likely die a slow, miserable death, wallowing in self pity and remorse for her egregious mistake.

10. He is such a gifted to embellish a description that remolds a 36 year old, over weight, balding computer geek into a god.


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