Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Big Week

The week between June 29th and July 6th tends to be an emotional roller-coster for me, this year has been no exception. On June 29th I "celebrated" the 2 yr anniversary of my broken brain and the birth of River. Today, July 6th, I celebrate my 39th birthday.

For some reason this year, I wanted to start a tradition that marks the anniversary of my MS diagnosis and Turtle found just the right thing. Every year I plan on adopting a nest of baby sea turtles through the Sea Turtle Rescue Project. Here's a link if you want to check it out:

Turtle found this organization and, of course, I cried like a baby when I read Turtle's email telling me that he had found the perfect thing we could do every year for my anniversary.

As for being 39....I already don't like it! I don't like that 40 is looming. I would like to skip over 39 and simply deal with the fact that I'm 40 and move on. But, no, instead, I have a whole year to stew about it and dread the big 40 even more. UGH! Generally speaking, it will be my rule to NOT tell people I'm 39 because I really don't want to listen to their turning 40 spiels.

At least I'm consistent, I hated being 29 for the exact same reasons. So, I was 28 for 18 months and 30 for 18 months and I skipped over 29 completely. I think I'll do the same for 39. Okay, so this birthday I'm really turning 38 NOT 39. Please forget that I mentioned I was turning 39.

Happy Accident to Celebrate: Rewriting history and NOT having a 39th birthday.


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