Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Turtle Killed Kirby

From the moment I saw his tall shiny stature, I knew it was love. I just had to have him for my own. I needed my Kirby! Turtle won't admit that he was jealous of my love for Kirby. But I knew because Turtle did everything he could to come between us. I saw through Turtle's stonewalling and rants about how expensive he was; he wasn't worth it; trying to compare him to cheaper competitors.

Finally, after days and days of debate and discussion; long searches on E-Bay, we brought one home for our very own. Still Turtle did all he could to turn my love into something bitter. Mocking my affections....

We've only had Kirby a short time, he's given so much to us. Cleaning all the dirt without a complaint. And then last week, tragedy struck. Turtle killed Kirby. He took him apart and can't get him back together. His shiny metal front is cracked in half. There may be no hope for our cleaning friend.

Now we need a surgeon to see if Kirby can be put back together again. Maybe they can rebuild him, better, stronger: A Bionic Kirby?


Blogger sandra_johnson said...

Good Things.
PCK is up there right close to SDSU. They can rebuild him, Kirby can be brought back to life!

Dang Turtle...my Kirby G4 is over 12 years old and still sucks like the first time. Not many people can say that about what they have at home!!!

12:13 PM  

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