Sunday, July 04, 2004


Since I’ve been told that my brain is broken, I have been feeling so much love all around me. I realized that one of the experiences of love I’m feeling is gratitude. I’m so grateful to my family, friends, and now, the online community that has reached out with unconditional love and support.

I have this image in my head of two mirrors facing each other. In one mirror is all the love I hold in my heart and in the other mirror is all the gratitude that I’m feeling. I notice that as these two images begin to reflect off of each other, a fusion ball of energy is being generated in the middle: swirling, glowing, pulsating, growing…the power of creation and all that is good. And then it electrifies my heart and it feels like my heart is overflowing with the power of all that unconditional love and the energy of creation and I’m infinite.

Thank you to everyone for this gift.

Today’s Happy Accident to celebrate: Gratitude is a magnifying agent for love.


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