Monday, April 25, 2005

Wedding Plans So Far

The wedding plans are all falling into place. We went bridesmaid shopping this weekend with my sister--who was in town this weekend--and Red. They look so beautiful!! Next up is Princess and then the clothing portion of planning is complete. Well, Turtle still needs to figure out his tux and what's what for the groomsmen, but at least the female half is complete.

So, here are links to what we have for the bridal party so far:

My Dress

Jr. Bridesmaind (my neice)

Bridesmaid - Red's Dress

Bridesmaid - My Sister's Dress

Princess is next, and she has lots of styles to choose from. I'm thinking the Groom and Groomsmen need to be in pink vests and ties, but I'm getting some resistence from Turtle, but we'll see.

The floral artist extraordinnaire Nick has agreed to do the flowers. YYYIIIPPPEEEE!!!! Nick does the most beautiful floral arrangements I've ever seen in my life and he HATES doing weddings, so I'm very honored that he has agreed to do mine. Largely in part because of Red. My friends are so cool!!!

Next up.....photographer, caterer, and cake.


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