Sunday, May 22, 2005


The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Okay, so I admit that I may have an itsy-bitsy problem. There satisfied??

Seriously, I've been putting in some LONG hours at the new job. I knew straightening some things out at the new gig was going to be a challenge, but I kinda underesitmated who FUBARed some of the problems would be. So, for the past three weeks I kept thinking that if I could just get on top of a "few" things everything else would quickly resolve itself. Last week Saturday the hard reality hit me that the clean-up process is going to take a tad bit longer than anticpated and I needed to regain some balance again. So, I've been working to get in a Zen state and work more normal hours and be okay with the time the process may take.

With that said, I'm actually having a ton of fun and am like I'll have pretty close the my ideal job when all the dust settles. So, the hard work is worth it to me because I feel a big payoff is in store.

Happy Accident To Celebrate: Being in a work environment where I feel free to be myself and have a good time doing the job!


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