Saturday, July 10, 2004

Lunch With Cea

What an amazing essence of light and love Cea is. Another happy accident to celebrate, meeting Cea.

Cea was diagnosed with MS in 1977. She has lost vision in one of her eyes twice, has experience crippling pain on her left side and had to relearn how to speak. Today, she says she is MS free. Or, rather, that there is just not enough information about the disease for her to even be confident that the diagnosis was correct to begin with.

She credits her healing to holistic medicine, Ayurvedics, acupuncture, and all of course, and incredible mind-body connection. She gave me some amazing people to contact and a wonderful left brain / right brain exercise to start working on. I left lunch feeling so full of power and hope!

As usual, Universal Love sending me the perfect messenger at the perfect moment. My brain may be a little broken but I KNOW I will be able to keep it from breaking any further and can move forward with an even happier, healthier life.

I realized last night how much I was missing my mommy. I still need to chat with her everyday and feel the mommy / daughter connection. It actually feels good to know that I'm fortunate enough to have that.

I've given myself 2 copaxone injections so far. Turtle has held my hand while I did it both times. I'll only have his hand to hold for a few more days and then I'll have to do my injections all by myself for 5 days. We're not even apart yet and I'm missing him already just thinking of him being away from me for 5 days.

Today's Happy Accidents To Celebrate: Meeting Cea.


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