Thursday, July 08, 2004


I’ve never been a high maintenance kinda gal (okay maybe medium maintenance), especially about my day-to-day appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to dress-up on those special occasions and know that I look stunning; it’s just never been a need for me in my everyday occasion.

That all seems to have changed for me since my brain broke. My favorite part of the day is right after my shower when I indulge myself with gently massaging my Clarins of Paris lotion on every inch of my body. I would never have allowed myself to lotion my body everyday before because this lotion is just way too expensive and, seriously, who has the time. I’m still revealing in the changes in my priorities since I found out that I have a broken brain.

So, I’ve been packing for the upcoming wedding and things that I would never have brought before I just simply can’t live without, even for only a few days {{giggles}}. And, of course, I had to power shop for just the right outfits so that I will be comfortable AND look stylish (thank you Princess for helping). New shoes that are better suited for someone who might get hit with mondo vertigo while on an airplane—for some reason my typical 3-inch heels just seem a tad bit intimidating these days!

And then, realizing the picture of my normal is changing and this is one of my major first experiences coping with the changing picture. Traveling with injectable needles and all that entails. Details, details, and more details.

Today’s happy accident to celebrate is carried over from last night. Because of my broken brain I’m loving myself more and learning to give myself a break. I wanted to add that I can take advantage of pre-boarding assistance, but Turtle says no! Sometimes he’s a spoilsport {{giggles}}.


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