Friday, July 16, 2004

Retched Beasties

It’s amazing what 11 hours of sleep will do for a girl with a broken brain!  Now, if only the retched beasties – that’s my two cats, Cirque (sir-key) and Boy for those of you who don’t know them, would have let me sleep the full 11-hours, it would have been even better {{giggles}}.  Both of my sillies managed to get themselves exiled from the bedroom last night, which is highly unusual.  The topper was Cirque dropping her mousie on my chest at 3:30 a.m. waking me up too play fetch with her.  Yes, I have a cat whose favorite game in the whole wide world is fetch, and she’ll play with you for hours if you let her!  So, aside from some interruption in my sleep the 11-hours provided for a most excellent day, energy-wise: Although the day is starting to catch up with me a bit right now. 
I’m missing my Turtle Love fiercely, and feeling rather lonely tonight.  I’ve decided to watch Paycheck with Ben Affleck on Pay-per-view.  The timing of the flick coincides nicely with my bedtime and I’m working hard to stay on a regiment of regular sleep, good diet, etc.
One of the things that I’ve always felt was lacking in my constitution was self-discipline.  I’ve always done a good job at beating myself up for being lazy, procrastinating, and not controlling myself enough.  I’ve always considered it a fault and it is something that I’ve often wished I could overcome in myself.  Then my brain gets broken and a regular routine, stress management, etc all becomes vital to my well being.  All of a sudden I don’t have a choice about maintaining a schedule: And, surprise, surprise; finding the self-discipline to maintain it hasn’t been all that difficult.  This has caused me too ponder on the old “Be careful what you wish for,” cliché.
Today’s Happy Accident to Celebrate:  I knew I had a super cool boss and since my brain broke, I know it even more!  Also, working for a corporation that has INCREDIBLE health insurance.


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