Sunday, July 18, 2004

Two Beautiful Things

First is Flowers and second is TURTLE IS HOME!  He just landed and Princess and Tool Man are picking him up to bring him home to me!  In about another half-hour I’m going to be getting great big squishes!!  AND, I’ll get squished in tonight when I go to bed and I’ve been seriously squished deprived after 5 nights of Turtle being away!
I think my little temper tantrum last night was very therapeutic although I was a little tired today {{giggles}}.  I had a wonderful day today!  I spent most of the day with my Aunt CandyCane gardening.  My Aunt is amazing with flowers and she started 6 different pots for me to put out by my front door.  We spent the afternoon at Home Depot buying all the tools and supplies I’ll need to keep them looking beautiful; and, I bought a rose tree (it’s blood red) and a pale yellow rose bush for the upstairs balcony.
I LOVED learning all about the flowers.  Watering, feeding, pruning, sunlight, shade, etc.  I hope Aunt CandyCane can teach me to have a green thumb too!  Flowers are just so amazing.
Today’s Happy Accidents are:  Learning the beauty and joy in gardening with my Aunt CandyCane and reunions!


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