Monday, August 23, 2004


Turtle, Princess, and ToolMan have all been addicted to an X-Box game called Halo. I've worked very hard to resist the pull of the game; I've been strong for MONTHS. Finally, the game has gotten the better of me and won. I'm corrupted; I've become a Halo addict. At least Steve-a-reeno was corrupted at the same time, so there is someone else that is as suckie at the game as I am. We've even been teaming up just trying to kill Turtle once and we STILL can't kill him! It's frustrating to try to play with someone who is so much better then I am. I'm NOT a gracious loser, see the bruises on Turtles arm for proof. {{giggles}}

Today's Happy Accident: Discovering new addictions.


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