Sunday, August 15, 2004

Re-evaluating Life

I got to spend the afternoon with my Mommy and Aunt CandyCane. I haven’t had the chance to spend quality time with them since I returned from Ohio, so it was a much-needed visit.

While at lunch, our conversation turned very philosophical (it almost always does) and we began to discuss our life meanings and purposes. I was sharing with them the huge shift in my consciousness and what a profound experience I’ve had confronting my mortality. Both my Mom and Aunt have had cancer and have had to confront their mortality in a similar way and they began to share their experience with me. It turns out that all three of us walked away with a completely different new meaning and purpose for life in the re-evaluation process. I found it really cool that we each had powerful shifts in consciousness that is completely unique too each of us. It further solidified for me what an incredible and positive experience my broken brain has been. I truly would not be discovering so much about myself in not for it. My broken brain is the perfect example of a happy accident, as weird as that sounds.

Today’s Happy Accident: Learning to embrace my destiny.


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