Thursday, August 05, 2004

I Got Drunk...

…from taking a bubble bath. I’m totally not joking! I think I’ve told many of you that heat does very strange things to someone who has a broken brain. I remember when my neurologist told me I needed to avoid heat: Things like saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, hot baths. I thought to myself, “yeah right! I’m not giving up my bubble baths.”

Well, about a week later San Diego was it with a heat wave and I had my first real profound experience with heat. First the fingertips in my left hand go numb, then the tinglies in my legs start, followed by my face flushing. Lastly, I get VERY tired. After having this experience a few times, I began to realize my neurologist wasn’t full of shit when she said to avoid heat.

I had a moment of self-pity over losing my bubble bath abilities because bubble baths are absolutely one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world! Bubble baths are an especially effective panacea for my menstrual cramps (okay, I know, too much information).

Well, today I absolutely would not be denied a bubble bath! I got home from work after an extremely exhausting and stressful day and figured since I was already so tired and had the tinglies the bubble bath couldn’t make things worse.

It turns out I was right! It didn’t make things worse…errr…or maybe it did: I guess it depends on how you look at it. After about 10-15 minutes luxuriating in marshmallow soft bubbles I started to get that relaxed feeling very similar to when after I’ve imbibed in a good glass of champagne. My limbs got very heavy and I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get out of the tub unassisted.

I promptly called for Turtle’s help and when he came into the bathroom, I got the giggles. I looked at my Love and started to laugh because I felt so drunk and it was on a bubble bath. The sensation lasted for the 10 – 15 minutes it took my body to cool down and then I was stone sober again. How cool is that? I can get a temporary drunk without worrying about a hangover or any other negative side affects.

Today’s Happy Accident: Bubble baths. Although I may not be able to take them everyday like I used too, it was wonderful to discover that from time-to-time I can get drunk taking one. {{giggles}}


Blogger Peter Lange said...

It's called Lhermitte's phenomenon just in case you were wondering. Thanks for reading my blog and your vote of confidence, too. And for acknowledging that sometimes doctors aren't full of shit.

12:12 AM  

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