Monday, July 26, 2004

Dental Phobic

For the most part, I consider myself a mostly brave person.  However, when it comes to the dentist I turn into a simpering whimp.  I almost always cry and the thing I hate the most, more than anything else, is having my teeth cleaned!!  It’s that whole nail down the chalkboard sensation that just KILLS me.

I’m so, so, so, glad that I have the coolest, awesomest, incrediblest dentist in the whole wide world.  We have discovered the secret to getting me through a teeth cleaning without tears and gnarly anxiety.  The secret you ask…Novocain!  They numb my gums and then the hygienist can scrap away no problemo.  I still object to the ultra sound thingie, even numbed up, so the hygienist has to work a little harder but not much.  The other secret is that I go quarterly and rotate between my uppers and lowers so I don’t have to be in the chair long.

I’m so proud of myself; I went to the dentist today and didn’t cry!  Yippee for me!  AND, I’ve been even less bitchy today!  Perpetual bitch was around for several hours last night, but I’m happy to report that I haven’t seen her all day today.  I’m hoping she’s gone for good.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

I broke my toe on Friday at Princess’ and Tool man’s casa.  OUCHIE!  It’s not too bad and I was even able to squish my foot into heels for work today.  The scary thing was that the longer I was in heels the better my toe felt.  Now that I’ve been home for a while and my shoes have been off, it’s starting to throb again.  Doesn’t that seem really weird?

Today’s Happy Accident To Celebrate:  Dr. Johnson, DDS and Novocain.


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