Tuesday, July 27, 2004

All Worked Up Over Nothing

Today was my first scheduled follow-up appointment with my neurologist since the diagnosis of my broken brain.  As my workday ended and I was straightening up and getting ready to leave, that rubber band ball of anxiety started to knot up in the depths of my stomach.  I kept hearing her say in my head, “Let’s give you more prednisone.” 

So, off to Oceanside Turtle and I go to meet with Dr. W, only to get there and find out that they were expecting me at the Encinitas office.  Not sure who’s oppsie that was but at least I had a moment of instant relief. {{giggles}}  At least I have a one-week reprieve even if my anxiety is irrational!

I’m starting to find my new rhythm, getting into my new routine.  It feels good.  LunaFemme is starting to get her groove back.

Today’s Happy Accident To Celebrate:  Appointment mix-ups, even if they are only a temporary delay in the inevitable.  LOL


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