Sunday, August 01, 2004


Turtle and I went to Vegas this weekend to meet up with some of his friends that were visiting in Vegas for a business/pleasure trip. We had such a great time but I haven’t been able to blog since Thursday evening. I’ve missed my daily writing. In such a short time it has become an integral part of my coping mechanism. Being able to blab all the random thoughts that spew out of my broken brain is so therapeutic. It’s almost like being able to tune out the commercials, which allows me to concentrate and really get into the show I’m watching. Blogging helps me focus on what needs my attention and not just the garbage floating around in my skull.

Vegas was a blast. I feel in love with the Venetian, it’s magnificent! We mostly gambled and hung out at The Hard Rock Hotel. Hard Rock has a much mellower and less casino’ish feel to me. I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

I spent most of this afternoon researching about my broken brain. Heat has become the enemy and I finally understand why. It feels good to understand this very strange phenomenon that has had me perplexed for several weeks now.

I also finally find all the nutritional and vitamin information that I’ve been seeking. Next, I need to find a good Pilates and Yoga class. If anyone has any Yoga info please email me. I need a gentle Yoga, not the hot one. Heat = BAD! I’m still not sure which style I need but I think I need something like Iyengar.

This next week I’m going to try to incorporate swimming into my routine. Swimming is very good for my body and works well with a broken brain. It is key that I keep my core body temperature from overheating and any exercise regimen I begin has to factor in heat.

I got into some fear again while doing my researching. Sometimes I get so scared when I think about what could happen to me. Scanning message board topics with headlines like “Bowl and Bladder Control Problems – Help,” really freaks me out. I think, “Holy shit, it’s possible that one day I may lose control of my bowels? How freakin gross is that?”

Today’s Happy Accident To Celebrate: Turtle listening and allowing my fears and then helping me get back into a positive frame of mind.


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