Friday, May 26, 2006

A Useless Day

Here I am working at 6:00 am on a Friday morning, all because yesterday was a completely useless day. It's not that I'm theoretically opposed to having useless work days, I just want to have those days on my terms. It's extremely frustrating to get to work in the morning all psyched up, ready to kick ass, only to have my day quickly disintegrate with other crap and nothing on my To-do list gets accomplished.

So, here I am....trying to find some quite time to get my To-do list completed, trying not to freak out about looming deadlines. {{Heavy sigh}} Such is life.

Happy Accident to Celebrate: Remember to celebrate happy accidents. I haven't been celebrating enough!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Go Soul Patrol

Yup, my dirty little secret....I'm a HUGE American Idol freak. The final results show is tonight and I so hope Taylor Hicks wins!!! I was able to get about 6 votes cast last night after 2+ hours of busy signals.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What are they so afraid of?

Me thinks the Catholic church doth protest too much! Could it be that someone has hit on a kernel of truth in this story???

I love a good conspiracy theory!!! - Ron Howard: No need for 'Da Vinci' disclaimer - May 9, 2006

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've just read a brief article about the workaholic personality. I think they were describing me, which is really nothing new, I've thought I was a workaholic for awhile. I truly have been working on haveing a more balanced life. Not being able to stay at one job for more than two months helps, although I recognize that it's my weird persuit of perfection that drives me away.

To acknowledge myself, I've done much better at my current job then in past jobs. Although, I have to struggle against all my natural instincts to start obsessing constantly. I catch myself doing it ALL the time.

I've been in a fairly blue mood of late; hence, I've been really quiet. I have really withdrawn and isolated myself. I finally reached a point a few weeks ago that I was willing to acknowledge it and attempt to make a change. I'm so lucky to have Turtle, who is so patient with me.

I've been crying a lot for no discernable reason, so okay everyone, maybe I am a bit depressed. It still boggles my mind how I can be depressed when I'm on a boat load of anti-depressants...I mean, isn't that why the word ANTI is in the name of the drug??

There Red, I've leave me alone!! {{giggles}}