Monday, April 25, 2005

Learning More About Living

I woke up tired Friday morning and stayed tired the whole weekend. This morning, I'm feeling back to my normal self. The last three weeks have been fairly stressful and my broken brain doesn't do well with stress any longer. So, yesterday I listened to my body and spent the whole day reading in was lovely and I think just what my broken brain ordered.

I'm hoping this week is much smoother than last week. I truly wasn't expecting some of the drama that happened, but I guess that goes hand in hand with such a small office.

Happy Accident To Celebrate: Slowly learning to listen to my broken brain and know when enough is enough.

Wedding Plans So Far

The wedding plans are all falling into place. We went bridesmaid shopping this weekend with my sister--who was in town this weekend--and Red. They look so beautiful!! Next up is Princess and then the clothing portion of planning is complete. Well, Turtle still needs to figure out his tux and what's what for the groomsmen, but at least the female half is complete.

So, here are links to what we have for the bridal party so far:

My Dress

Jr. Bridesmaind (my neice)

Bridesmaid - Red's Dress

Bridesmaid - My Sister's Dress

Princess is next, and she has lots of styles to choose from. I'm thinking the Groom and Groomsmen need to be in pink vests and ties, but I'm getting some resistence from Turtle, but we'll see.

The floral artist extraordinnaire Nick has agreed to do the flowers. YYYIIIPPPEEEE!!!! Nick does the most beautiful floral arrangements I've ever seen in my life and he HATES doing weddings, so I'm very honored that he has agreed to do mine. Largely in part because of Red. My friends are so cool!!!

Next up.....photographer, caterer, and cake.

Friday, April 22, 2005

First Week Of School

I started my new job on Monday and I have definetly felt like the new kid during the first week of school. Navigating the personalities, clicks, peoples history, etc., all while trying to acclimate to teachers, homework, classes, etc.

I'm very excited about the challenges involved in the new position...I hope I'm up to it. Hopefully, I'll be able to navigate my way through all the unkowns and make this a success. So, I was very pleased to read my horoscope for the week....super groovy!

CANCER (June 21-July 22): "Creativity is like driving a car at night," said
E. L. Doctorow. "You never see further than your headlights, but you can
make the whole trip that way." I would add that life itself is also like
driving a car at night. You're pretty much in the dark all the time except
for what's right in front of you. Or at least that's usually the case. But for
a few shining hours in the coming week, Cancerian, I believe you'll be able
to see the big picture of where you're headed. It will be as if the whole
world is suddenly illuminated by a prolonged burst of light; as if you're
both driving your car and also watching your journey from high above.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I Found It!!!

My wedding dress found me!! My sister is referring to it as the ballerina dress, which is quite apt. Imagine ballerina meets fairy princess and that's pretty much my dress. Of course the perfect touch is the matching jr. bridesmaid dress that my neice will look equally as fabulous in!!! And, of course, TIARAS!!!!

Next up, bridesmaid shopping...probably next week wednesday.

Happy Accident: The perfect wedding dress finding you, when it wasn't even close to the style originally in mind.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Hard Fall

I took a pretty hard fall yesterday morning while I was walking River. This morning I noticed how tender my forearm was and upon examination, it's swollen and starting to bruise. {{heavy sigh}}

I hate it when I fall, this is the second time in 8 days whenI had been fall free for close to three weeks prior to. It really shacks up my confidence and gets that whole fear thing churning again. But, it's time to be brave and go walk River, otherwise he'll poopie in the house. Also, Boy kitty is being very needy and helping me type by walking all over the key board, which makes it difficult to post. {{giggles}}

Today's Happy Accident will be: Discovering bravery

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Shoes are no longer safe around River. Yup, in one day he managed too destroy not one but TWO perfectly good pair of black pumps. Thank goodness he did it during my last week at the ultra stuffie--you better be wearing a suite, stockings, and covered toe shoes--ultra business wear office. I'm looking forward to working in a more relaxed work environment again.

The next two days are going to be AWESOME. First, tomorrow is officially my last day at my current job; and,'s all about wedding gown shopping with my Mommy and my Aunt CandyCane. I would post some pictures of the style of dress I'm thinking of, but Turtle reads my blog and we just can't spoil the surprise for him. {{giggles}}

Happy Accident to Celebrate: Anticipation and excitement!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My First MS Walk

Woo hoo....yeee haaa....I did my first MS Walk on Saturday. A HUGE thank you to my team mates and everyone who contributed to the cause. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and it is so hard to express in words the depth of my feelings, seeing all the people walking. It is so incredible to me!! I've been experiencing compassion and kindness from others in a whole new way since my brain broke. Another great gift and happy accident to celebrate.

Thank you everyone for this amazing gift.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Best Week In A Long Time

I've had the most amazing week and been a very busy girl. Here are the highlights:

Monday: I was able to make my contribution to our judicial system and had jury duty.
Tuesday: I quit my job.
Wednesday: Found the spot that I ABSOLUTELY have to get married in and realized that, based upon the availability, there was only one day left this summer for a sunset wedding.
Thursday: Was able to get permit for the last day available so that I can have the perfect sunset wedding in the most beautiful shoreline spot EVER. So, the wedding date is officially set for Septemeber 24,2005. Woo hoo, the date is finally set in stone and can't be changed anymore!
Also on Thursday: Got a new job! My last day at my current job is April 15 and my first day at the new job is April 18.
Today: My first ever MS Walk. I formed a team (Team Turtle) and will be walking with 10 other super-cool and groovy friends. Then a victory dinner at Kings!

Happy Accident to celebrate: Discovering that when you make your intentions known to the Universe and then just take that blind leap of faith, everything has a way of working out the way it should!!!